Wireless emergency alarm system

Wireless emergency alarm system


Wireless emergency alarm system helps to minimize loss of life and property in most workplaces. By using wireless call devices & LED display board, this system will notify supervisors of the situation in a timely manner when a problem occurs such as Equipment/Utility alarm, Fire alarm, Gas leakage and emergency.


► Low installation cost as no signal cables needed

► By using 2~6 Wireless call buttons, quick action can be taken

► Auto call for Equipment/Facility alarm: Equipment alarm can be sent in real time

► Wireless LED message board: Emergency call/Utility alarm can be checked easily

► Using wireless warning light, call/alarm alert can be sent wirelessly

► Wireless transmitter, LED display board and warning light are interchangeable

► Programmable message, color, alert time (Patent)

► Wireless system makes easy expansion and relocation in the future

Type of Wireless Alarm Devices

Wireless LED Message Board

Wireless Controller & Alert Lamp

Wireless Alert System Outline (Direct method)

Wireless call button(Direct method)

Auto call connected to alarm port (Direct method)

Wireless Alert System Outline (System method)

Interworking system

Types of Wireless Transmitters (Button type)

Types of Wireless Transmitters (Equipment/Utility alarm)

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