Mobile Wireless Andon System

Mobile Wireless Andon System


► When production equipment down, error message can be wirelessly transmitted to a person in charge promptly.

► Used when line workers need to call a person in charge of equipment, quality, material, engineer etc.

► Equipment alarm and call message can be transmitted to a person in charge via mobile and text pager → quick action taken when any problem occured from production.

► All alarm and call data automatically saved to SQL DB format, so data management becomes possible as well as to have auto call for error message of MES/ERP system using DB.

Key Features
► Built-in LBT technology : Possible to prevent interference between other wireless transmitters signal.

► Use own special protocol, has no interference and ensures excellent security. No malfunction, fast and accurate wireless signal (patent).

► It is very economical due to low installation cost without cable, easy system expansion, convenient maintenance, and no communication fee.

► Production equipment alarm and call button signal pressed manually from line workers can be wirelessly transmitted to engineer in charge promptly. (down time of equipment is reduced by 20%, which improves productivity)

► Various wireless transmission and receiving solution in all work places.

► Available statistics management and monitoring for alarm and call signal, interworking with MES/ERP system.

► Andon system can be built at low cost by using cloud mobile service.



Wireless ANDON system (Mobile App service)

Wireless ANDON system (Interworking with DB)

Wireless call type

Use of Wireless LED display board

Application effect of wireless ANDON system

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