Multi-remote controller & switch


Remote controller and Wireless switch device, turning On/Off the switches of various devices.

Key features
► Wireless installation makes it cost-effective. (no data cable needed)

► Using private wireless protocol, there is no interference with other wireless signal and ensures perfect security.


► AGV: 10 movement wireless control available, controls upto 960 AGVs using one Multi-Remote controller.

► Hoist: 10 movement wireless control available, controls upto 960 HOISTs using one Multi-Remote controller.

► Equipment/Facility: Power switch of various equipments ca be switched On/Off wirelessly.

► Smart farm: 10 Switches can be turned On/Off with Remote controller. (Motor, Water spray, A door opening)

► Night light: Turn On/Off street lamp, lighting, facility in workplace.

► Automatic door: Security guard allows to manage opening/closing auto-gates and speed-gates remotely using remote controller.

► Spcoal vehicle: Remote-controls the operation of special vehicles such as snow plough, trailer.

► Power sprayer: wireless control of 10 movement of Power sprayer using Remote controller.


Remote controller for AGV

Remote controller for HOIST

Turn On/Off equipment/facility power switch

Remote controller for smart farm 

Remote controller for lighting switch

Remote controller for automatic door/speed gate

Wireless controller for the motions of Auto-sprayer device

Remote controller for special purpose vehicle

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