Mobile APP Service

Mobile monitoring & push


►Mobile system can be installed at low cost without server and operation program in the workplace

►Utility/Equipment and wireless alarms from call buttons are transferred to person in charge (mobile)

►Monitoring and Push message service available using mobile app

►The administrator can edit wireless call devices, call buttons, mobile subscribers and web monitoring

Key Features
► Utility/Equipment alarm signals are transferred to mobile in charge in real-time

► Dry and wet contacts (DC12V, DC24V) of equipment alarm terminal can be connected

► All of wireless call/alarm devices monitoring available
(Web PC and mobile app monitoring)

► 3 options available  for monitoring view (Process, tile, map view type)

► Remotely manage Utilities/Equipment alarm status using mobile phone and web PC

► Mobile app system is very economical due to low installation cost without cable, also allows easy system expansion, convenient maintenance and low communication fee

► Applicable to various type of business sites (smaller site, larger site and overseas)

DiagramMobile app service

Manager PC

► Dashboard allows to check the entire call status in real time

► User management, group, port/button name, port type and port display color setting

► Monitoring device group and view type setting (Process, Tile, map)

► Statistics generated by period, equipment, call events, mobile push and SMS

Mobile APP(Android, iOS)

► Set the monitoring group of device (administrator setting)

►Push message, message read time function

►Function to automatically send SMS when the message is not acknowledged within the setting time

► Detail information of devices, alarm status, check the number of unread message

► Mobile user setting functions (Sound tone type, repeat time unread message, shift time)

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