Local Paging system

local paging system


► Local wireless messaging system in workplace

► Auto call system interworking with ERP/MES server.

► When the equipment/facility alarm, alarm message transfer the person in charge wirelessly.

► Possible to use wireless message system for environment alert, various safety accident and safety guard.

► Set 3~4 digit for subscriber number and can easily call the message using client PC.

Key features
► In case of equipment failure, quick action is possible :
Increase productivity due to reduction of equipment down time. (20%)

► There are no communication fee, and low installation cost : Economical system.

► High-capacity transmitter (wireless coverage : 3km) : Can be used in large workplace.

► The best assistant to fire/emergency situations : Rapid evacuation to minimize human damage.

► Using private wireless protocol, do not interference with other wireless signals and perfect security


Products & specifications


Examples of reduced usage
and communication expenses of S semiconductor Inc.




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