Mobile APP Service

Mobile monitoring & push


Mobile system can be installed at low cost without server and operation program in the workplace.

Utility/Equipment alarms and call button wireless signals are transferred to mobile person in charge.

Monitoring and Push message service using mobile app

The administrator can edit wireless call devices, call buttons, mobile subscribers and web monitoring.

Key Features
► Utility/Equipment alarm signals are transferred to mobile in charge in real-time.

► Dry and wet contacts (DC12V, DC24V) of equipment alarm terminal can be connected

► All of wireless call/alarm devices monitoring available
(Web PC and mobile app monitoring)

► Selectable for monitoring view type (Process, tile, map view type) and devices

► Remotely manage Utilities/Equipment alarm status using mobile phone and web PC

► Mobile app system is very economical due to low installation cost without cable, easy expansion, convenient maintenance and low communication fee.

► Application to various business site (small site, large site and overseas site)

DiagramMobile app service

Manager PC

► Dash Board that can check the whole call status in real time

► User management, group, port/button name, port type and port display color setting

► Monitoring device group and view type setting (Process, Tile, map)

► Statistics by period, equipment, call events, mobile push and SMS

Mobile APP(Android, iOS)

► Set the monitoring group of device (administrator setting)

►Push message, management of message read time, send SMS automatically when unread push message within set time

► Detail information of devices, alarm status, check the number of unread message

► Mobile user setting functions (Sound tone type, repeat time unread message, shift time)

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